The five most powerful women in Europe’s music

The five most powerful women in Europe’s music


norman lebrecht

December 12, 2013

You’ve met the American power women. Here are the top five Euros.

1 Helga Rabl-Stader

President of the Salzburg Festival since 1995, has seen off several directors

helga rabl-stader

2 Anne-Sophie Mutter

The Angela Merkel of the concert circuit. Always gets her way.

3 Jude Kelly

Artistic director of London’s South Bank, Europe’s biggest arts centre.


4 Kathryn Enticott

Top-drawer conductors’ agent, running the diaries of Welser-Möst, Alan Gilbert, Semyon Bychkov and more.



5 Anna Netrebko

Poster girl to the Russian kleptocracy, Austrian citizen by choice.


Vladimir Putin, Anna Netrebko

Five more coming up right here.


  • Donald Wright says:

    (Hmm. Would one of the Wagner clan who rule Bayreuth figure on the list?)

  • Their moment will come. Ah…

  • About twenty years ago while I was staying in the Hotel Intercontinental on Red Square, there was a broadcast of a Tchaikovsky symphony on the TV. The camera stayed unerringly on Semyon Bychkov’s face the entire time, affording me the opportunity to study those lips for a good forty-odd minutes. Twenty years on, I still don’t know whether they’re real or whether he borrowed them off a Spitting Image puppet.