Tearaway cop kills music biz lawyer

Oh, the news is so grim these days… Read here.


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  • Norman, are you aware that under the link to the article on your page (and the facebook link to it) there is a picture of an apparently dead body lying on the street next to a bike? I just wonder whether you were aware, because oddly that picture doesn’t come up on the actual Oregon article. Whether or not this is the body of the unfortunate Mr Olin (I suppose it might just be a file photo for “bike accident”) it could come across as rather tasteless or intrusive given the tragic circumstances. Feel free not to post this comment (I think you see them at the “pre-moderating” stage) – its main purpose was to alert you to how the link is being viewed by your subscribers.

    Best, David

  • Does it matter what he was? A man is dead here, and there seems to be a mild hint of something less than sympathy. God, Mandela’s not in his grave yet…

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