Stuttgart appoints Israeli as its general music director

The Stuttgart Philharmonic has appointed Dan Ettinger to be the city’s GMD, succeeding Gabriel Feltz.

A former assistant of Daniel Barenboim’s at the Berlin State Opera, Ettinger, 41, is presently music director in Mannheim, and chief conductor with the Tokyo Philharmonic and the Israel Symphony Orchestra.


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  • Agreed Andrew, ditto to your kudos to Dan. And while we’re at it, “Tokto” Philharmonic is mentioned in the maestro’s conductor credits, dare I ask location thereof?

  • How come the PC Schutzstaffel is not calling out the blatant discrimination of women this time? The Stuttgart Phil never ever has hired a woman as chief conductor yet. That makes them look worse than the Vienna Phil. We demand answers. But Stuttgart Phil, you got one thing right, you didn’t hire a non-dissident Russian at least, phew…

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