Smart kid from Chet’s makes record debut

His name’s Callum Smart and he’s not yet out of high school, but he’s releasing his first record on Orchid Classics – the Grieg and Franck sonatas. The pianist is Gordon Back.

Callum plays a 1698 Antonio Stradivari violin, on loan from J & A Beare Ltd. He has an agent, Hazard Chase, after scoring a high placing in the 2010 Menuhin Competition in Oslo.


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  • Beautiful tone, very lyrical and musical. Far more than “just technically secure”. If this is his standard now, then all bodes well for the future. Also delighted these are sonatas rather than concerti as in chamber music far more subtlety is required.

  • I’m not sure of the purpose of such over-edited over-perfect student-recordings. I am definitely unable to enjoy it, it doesn’t help a bit for such students, (other than the sales of the CD’s) and it gives a false image to the general public. (see the comments right here)

    Again: business pure!

  • A very talented boy.

    I used to teach him piano when he was very tiny and his very unusual gifts became quickly apparent.

    I wish him best of luck with the CD and that he has the stamina to grow and survive in this most ruthless and cruel of professions.

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