New Bolshoi crisis: They can’t find a conductor for Tsar’s Bride

Vasily Sinaisky’s walkout as chief conductor three weeks ago has left a huge hole in the schedule. There’s a signature new production of Rimsky-Korsakov’s royalist opera coming up in February and no-one’s available to conduct it.

Ria-Novosty reports that the embattled chief exec Vladimir Urin has asked the veteran Vladimir Fedoseyev, but he’s too busy. Anyone care to volunteer?

It seems incredible that the Bolshoi Theatre should end 2013 in a worse state than it began.


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  • I can’t speak for his availability, but I can speak for his ability: Richard Milton Barrett conducted the opera, splendidly, a few years ago in Brooklyn. And he’s headed for Moscow to lead the American Masters Academy of Opera, late January. Just putting it out there.

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