My last album of the year is a five-star

Shuffling down the pile of review copies as the last deadlines of 2013 draw near, I never quite know what’s going to tweak my ear. All the big names have been and gone – either into print, or into the bin – and what remains veers from the quirky to the wild to the shamelessly self-promotional.

I put on the present set, fearing it would send me to sleep. An hour later, I was still on the edge of my seat.

Guess what? Guess who?


paert lacitta

Read the review here.


photo (c) Roberto Masotti

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  • For me Spiegel im Spiegel is most magically presented with a violin-piano duet suggesting raindrops refreshingly dripping from a roof edge, glistening in new sunlight following a vigorous rain.

    • I know it’s supposedly a study in complex mirror reflections but that simply somehow doesn’t work– not for me, not at all.

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