Locked-out Minnesota musicians are nominated again for a Grammy

Somethig to cheer them in this bleak midwinter. Read here.


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  • I wish them well, hope they can persevere under this incarnation or other legal name and tell the management to bugger off or words to that effect. Good luck, my friends. You deserve better but when there are people looking to make a buck and that eagerness to make money supplants artistic endeavors, artistic freedom and downright human decency.

  • One really has to wonder about this board. Its chair, Jon Campbell, is known to not even care for orchestral concerts enough to attend them…perhaps he was trying to ensure that as few as possible would occur during his leadership term.

  • The nominated disc, if the excerpts available at iTunes and Amazon are any guide, unfortunately does NOT utilize the only period-authentic orchestral layout (split-violins, cellos-left, violas-right). Their first Sibelius disc (Syms 2 and 5, also rightly Grammy nominated last year) did and as a result Sibelius’ extraordinary command of writing for strings never sounded clearer or more beautiful.


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