Join the club, Ed Balls. This is Richard Nixon playing the piano

The deputy leader of the UK Labour Party is making a big noise about learning to play the piano. He has reached Grade 3 and is giving his first performance, just fancy.

Well, having let it be known that I’m discussing music-playing politicians on Tonight’s Front Row, Chris Russell in California has come up with this gem of a 1961 television show, featuring the defeated presidential candidate. On this occasion, the devil did not have the best tunes.

richard nixon piano

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  • It’s pretty standard Tin Pan Alley stuff, altered dominants and the like. Nothing offensive, to be sure, unless you take offense from a slightly-chromaticized common-practice harmonic scheme.

    (I really wanted 18 1/2 violinists. Would have been eerily prescient.)


  • Norman

    Ed Balls is Shadow Chancellor not Deputy Leader. It should also be added that he achieved Grade 8 Standard for the violin.

  • Hey, what about Paderewski, who was Prime Minister of Poland in 1919 and represented Poland at the Versailles Conference?

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