In some US orchestras, they bring guns to rehearsal

In some US orchestras, they bring guns to rehearsal


norman lebrecht

December 29, 2013

richmond symphony 

Why? To use on whom?



h/t Holly Mulcahy


  • Joe Shelby says:

    Possibly for rehearsals of the 1812 Overture, since they won’t get the actual cannons until the dress rehearsal?

  • casakoen says:

    Rehearsel Overture 1812 no doubt…what’s the fuss?

  • ira says:

    didn’t artur rodzinski bring a pistol to rehearsals?

  • fergus johnston says:

    But…but… but…we were playing the 1812, and I had to have a canon in my kit…

  • Andrew Smith says:

    Ha ha. That memo is at least 27 years old!

  • Hasbeen says:

    Welcome to the United States, the NRA and the sacrosanct 1st Amendment, written in the 18th Century…

    • Edgar Brenn says:

      You mean the Second Amendment, which allowed slave owners to hunt for their escaped “property”. The amendment made also sense as there was no standing US army at the time. Now it is claimed as a “right” – with deadly consequences each day.

  • Never underestimate the rage of someone whose shoes have been soaked by the errant emptying of a trombonist’s water key.

  • squirrel says:

    and that’s what we like about the SAYYOOUUUTHHHH

  • Presumably to use on Conductors or Assistants who incur their wrath? Even the greatly missed Carlos K. in the famous video of “Fledermaus” Overture rehearsals seems to sense that he is stretching the orchestra’s patience. He diffuses all tension by saying: “luckily, I am always armed!”.

  • The right to defend yourself is universal. Just because someone shows up prepared to defend themselves doesn’t make them crazy. Playing viola maybe, but able and willing to defend themselves no.

  • gerald brennan says:

    Yes, what Jarrod says above.

    A little sloppiness here, though, ‘mongst the boys in the band. Concealed Carry means just that; if you keep it concealed, nobody knows, nobody cares.

    (Unless it needs to be used in emergency defense of self, or, even better, a colleague — who would become instantly grateful to the defender and forget all about his or her EEK! EEK! A GUN!!! attitude.)

  • Millie says:

    Wow to think when I used to come down to Richmond Symphony to play that I was risking my life..I am just a simple girl playing the bass and definitely not getting paid enough have somebody pull a gun on me

  • Bass guy says:

    I wish I could remember the name of the bass player who was always packing at rehearsal….