How Wojciech Kilar treated his conductors

How Wojciech Kilar treated his conductors


norman lebrecht

December 29, 2013

The Polish conductor Antoni Wit was a close friend of the film composer, who died yesterday aged 81. He tells a good story, with an excellent imitation of his late friend (in Polish, with English subtitles).



  • Phil says:

    Oh damn. RIP. I came across his music when looking for movie themes to transcribe for the piano. His Dracula suite is the bees knees of the genre.

  • ALBERT LANDA says:

    This has to be the silliest music I have ever heard. It is film music to the core. The whole thing sounds like ACCOMPANYING MUSIC except when it hilariously breaks out into what seems to be some sort of National Anthem. It certainly has rhythmic intensity but it is so much ostinato that it actually becomes boring and one longs to hear some thematic melody of some sort and suddenly and inappropriately it breaks into that “Nationalistic “tune There seems to be echoes of the music for “Psycho” (Was that bernarrd Hermann?).I am sure that accompanying the right filmic images this would be impressive, but as concert music? I don’t think so!