He turns out the lights in the world’s remotest opera house

Raimundo Pereira do Nascimento is the electrician of the Manaus Opera House, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. In a fascinating news film, he tells the BBC about his building and his work. Watch here.


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  • For those who don’t know, “electrician” has a specific meaning in theatre. They’re not the tradesmen you might call in to mend a fuse; they’re the stagehands who deal with stage lighting (although, this gentleman apparently does much more than that).

    • Exactly what I was thinking. And yes, Perth does have an opera company (the West Australian Opera), though I’m not sure if His Majesty’s Theatre counts as an opera house as opposed to a mixed-use theatre.

  • You said it right Jeffrey. Dangers can cause if you are choosing an electrician who doesn’t even have a proper license. They may not have the license to offer the services legally.

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