First, they executed the musicians…

First, they executed the musicians…


norman lebrecht

December 14, 2013

The world looks on aghast as the North Korea regime turns in on itself, ordering the state murder of a senior member of the ruling family.

It should be reminded that this current wave of state killing began last August when 12 musicians – including two concertmasters of the Unhasu Orchestra, Moon, Gyeong-Jin, Jung, Sun-Young, were taken out and shot on similar trumped up charges – treason, pornography and the like.

Although Pyongyang has half-denied the murders, the musicians have never been seen again.

We live in hope that Kim Jong-un will some day be brought to justice.



  • PK Miller says:

    Who knows who is really in charge there? This guy is so insecure that he’ll execute people on a whim to prove his power. we can only hope eventually Kin Jong-Un will be deposed and as unceremoniously dispatched as he has had done to these people. Of course, given the nature of things in North Korea, they might get someone who makes Kim Jong-Un more benevolent than Mother Teresa but maybe the people of North Korea will finally have had enough.