Find me a political leader who can sing like Putin

Find me a political leader who can sing like Putin


norman lebrecht

December 05, 2013

Last night on Front Row, I ventured the opinion that politicians, as skilled users of voice, ought to let themselves sing a bit more in the public arena. Barack Obama, when he tried it, was seriously inhibited. Silvio Berlusconi was certainly not.

Someone has sent us this mash video of US politicians giving air to their lungs. The former attorney-general was pretty good.

Here’s Vladimir Putin in action:

putin sings

Feel free to add some more.


  • A gallery of world leaders singing – yes please! )

  • Henry Dunn says:

    Surely Ra Ra RasPutin would be a better choice?

  • sdReader says:

    This is three years old. I wonder how Goldie, Sharon, Costner, et al, feel about Putin now.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    Obama sings as well or better:

    He richly deserved to beat Mitt Romney:

  • Steve says:

    on this rare occasion i find myself warming to Putin. A canny piece of publicity.

  • When’s the inevitable duet with Jackie Evancho being released?

  • Piotr Kaminski says:

    He learned singing from the people he interrogated in his KGB times. I bet they sang like birds.