Catholic school choir director is charged with pimping

Catholic school choir director is charged with pimping


norman lebrecht

December 06, 2013

A former Roman Catholic high-school choir director in Ohio has been indicted by a grand jury on 13 sex charges.

Zachary R. Ruppel, 27, faces trial for compelling prostitution, importuning and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and on 10 counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor.



Ruppel was choir director at St. Francis DeSales High School in Columbus from 2010 until June this year.

The Catholic Diocese of Columbus issued this statement: “St. Francis DeSales High School and the Office of Catholic Schools has cooperated fully with law enforcement during the course of their investigation of Zachary Ruppel, and school administration has reached out to student, parents, and teachers to come forward with any information that may be pertinent to this investigation. “


  • Michael Wood says:

    Did Francis de Sales High School say how ashamed and sorry they were that such a thing could happen? Did they promise to bring the Senior staff to book for their inadequacy in their responsibility for safeguarding the minors in their care? Or was it just that bland statement which we are receiving time and again from such institutions? This is not an acceptable response from schools where ever they are. Chetham’s, Purcell, Sevenoaks – where is the solid response which will put the fear of God into any management which does not keep a close enough eye on their responsibilities?

  • Lauren says:

    A catholic authority figure fiddling children?

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

  • Robert says:

    Well, to quote the immortal words which A. J. Ayer is supposed to have uttered about Cyril Connolly, “It’s a pity he’s not as nice as he looks.” Would you buy a used choir from this man?

  • The New Atheists says:

    Zachary Ruppel looks like Thelma from Scooby Doo Where Are You? Put an orange turtleneck sweater on this dude-ette and this guy, or it, can get it-self a brown great dane and cruise around in a psychedelic van! Let’s not forget a miniskirt, knee high socks and loafers too!

    The catholic church is one sick puppy. It’s been around way too long. People are leaving it in droves. Tired of being lied to, tricked, raped, robbed and being told ancient fables far too long. This insanity must end! this is the 21st century and more and more young people are following the only logical belief system out there, atheism. The New Atheism is irrefutable evidence basically proving that creationism is a complete farce and everything as we know it happened at random and by chance. We humans are nothing more than organic robots. When our “processors” finally go kerputt then we’re either tossed in an expensive lacqured box and plopped in the ground, or our casings are “nuked” and “we’ll reside” in a pretty little earn on the mantle piece next to grandma’s 19th century swiss music box that play four airs.

    Smart people do not believe in god(s). Even smart people with limited educations know god and the entire premise of religion is absolute baloney. With geniuses like Sir Dr. Richard Dawkins and Dr. Steven Hawking proving without a doubt god isn’t real, and how the universe was formed and all life forms began. An honorable mention goes to Dr. Carl Sagan and Dr. James Randi as truth seekers and scientific investigators.

    The catholic church can continue to run on off of its reserve, but when all of the old folks have passed away and all of the young folks who’ve taken to atheism and science replace them, there isn’t going to be a catholic church anymore. I only wish that I’d live long enough to witness the complete collapse of the catholic church and all of christianity and all other religions go POOF into oblivion!