Burgled Brussels viola is found in corner pawnshop

We reported a few days back the theft of a valuable viola in Brussels. Here’s the outcome:

Hello, It’s Maria Jose Igual. I wrote you few days ago because my viola was stolen in my apartment. And now I’m writing you because I found it today! yes! It’s unbelievable! It seems somebody went to sell it to cash but just on the corner of my street, and they called because they knew it. And there it was, with the two bows! only they took the resin! amazing! I start to believe in miracles…

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  • This is not uncommon with music instruments. Guitars and violins are possibly easy to pass on, but less common instruments are less so. The thieves quickly realise this and sell it to a pawn shop just to get rid of it and get at least a little money for it. This happened 10 years ago when my cor anglais was stolen.

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