A Silver Age legend has died, aged 101

The glamorous and indomitable Marta Eggerth breathed her last, in New York, on December 26.

Budapest born to a Jewish mother, Marta was on stage at 11 and in a Max Reinhadt Fledermaus at 17. Note perfect and good looking, she was the darling of the leading operetta composers Lehar, Stolz and Oscar Strass

A 1930s film star, she married the Polish tenor Jan Kiepura in 1936 and made the rest of her carer in the US. Kiepura died in 1966. They are survived by two sons.


marta eggerth

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  • A charming singer round table with Martha Eggerth, Anneliese Rothenberger, Inge Borkh and

    Gwyneth Jones can be found on youtube under ‘Martha Eggerth very funny in 4 times a high C’,

    all in German, from a TV talkshow, 1996.

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