A crossover star who raises funds for opera

A crossover star who raises funds for opera


norman lebrecht

December 13, 2013

Sean Panikkar, a mid-level US opera singer, is part of a group called Forte that finished in the top 5 of America’s Got Talent.

Forte is doing a lot of fundraisers and galas for midsize opera companies. Sean in various interviews talks about about boosting opera’s profile and seeing Forte’s TV fans at Magic Flute for the first time.

Some crossover artists steal the mantle of ‘opera singers’ and do nothing for the genre. Sean is a real opera singer who is using crossover to support the art.

He’s becoming a useful advocate. Watch.

sean panikkar


  • Anne says:

    “Some crossover artists steal the mantle of ‘opera singers’ and do nothing for the genre.”

    Now who could that be?

  • MWnyc says:

    Handsome devil, too.

  • BobM says:

    Founding member Josh Page is a former touring duet partner of this blog’s number one comment generator. His first performance with a live orchestra was on that tour.

  • Janey says:

    A very nice Dies Bildnis…, too.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Norman. It is refreshing after so many maddening comments by other “crossover” singers.

    He seems to have quite a full schedule of non-crossover work; I hope he continues in that vein, in additional to what must be a fun crossover sideline.

  • OperaFan says:

    Great to see yet another Merola Opera Program graduate in the spotlight

  • Robin D. Bermanseder says:

    “Crossover singers do nothing for the genre” – really?

    Street artists do nothing for classical art?

    Pulp sci fi does nothing for mainstream literature?

    Related grass roots genres surely bring more consumers to the market, expose more budding talent to options in related fields, and grow the foundation of art awareness in the general population.

    The current general assault on art and intellect is saddening.

    Resistance would be more effective if artists of all genres worked together instead of resorting to petty infighting.

    My respect and thanyou to all artists, regardless of label.