World’s fastest guitarist?


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      • You can only “debunk” an incorrect statement, not a question.

        My question is still open. Is it fake?

        The video I linked to explains how the clock thing is done. What makes me a little suspicious is how, when he reaches across the clock to the computer, the frames are blurred/sped up in a kind of “jumping ahead” manner (there is probably a technical term for that but I don’t know what it is) as you sometimes see in docus or movies when there is a time period of inaction to be bridged or the action resumes after a pause. But there is no pause here. He just dials up the metronome running on the computer.

  • Very impressive (if genuine) but not enjoyable to listen to or particularly musical. Just a stream of notes with no expression. Tecnical prowess on its own does not make a good musician.

    • Sometimes people are just having fun. Either with little feats of technical virtuosity or little stunts, or, as may be the case here, carefully executed hoaxes. Sometimes people are just having fun.

  • It is definitely a fake!

    I took the few minutes to make a video of the screen, to be able to see it slowly; in the first take left is about there but right is much too slow and in the faster versions is all completely off. Also, it sounds obviously sampled.

    I just don’t understand why people would want to make such a cheap self-advertising? Well, the answer is right here: because sadly most people are actually believe it!

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