Troubled music school begins to face the music

The Purcell School has finally come out into the open about the dismissal of the head of music and his deputy. Questioned by the local newspaper, the Watford Gazette, head teacher David Thomas said: ‘Quentin Poole left the school by mutual agreement at the end of the last academic year.’

Really? Then why do we hear he’s pursuing a case for unfair dismissal?


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  • Where do the governors of specialist music schools get these people from? (Actually, where do these idiot governors come from? Is there an idiot governor factory churning them out somewhere? Couldn’t we abolish it?)

    Really, what is the point in making such an obviously false claim? Can’t this man see that it will only reinforce the sense that these schools are in a terrible mess and need radical reform?

    It really shouldn’t be so difficult. These schools get loads of public cash, some of the most talented and hard-working children in the UK, and have several outstanding teachers. Then the “senior” people mess it up by putting their own petty interests before those of the students and the institutions they are there to serve.

    • That’s just it. They see it as ‘their’ status, their prestige, rather than being there to actually help and serve people. A problem with the music profession in general, but particularly focused at the upper-crust institutions such as these.

  • Is it April the first or something??? ‘Facing the music’ is exactly what David Thomas is NOT doing. What’s he’s doing is making himself look more and more pathetic. Hope he’s better at running a school than he is at… erm… telling convincing stories. But judging by those who speak from first-hand experience, I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Phil nailed it: “They see it as ‘their’ status, their prestige, rather than being there to actually help and serve people.” Educators are supposed to give and help grow, not grab and destroy. Or spout ludicrous claims.

    Unless he’s trying to goad Mr Poole into making some sort of statement, when it may be in his best legal interest not to?

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