Toronto’s Mayor Ford: the aria

He smokes crack, threatens homicide, slams into women councillors, he’s Toronto’s finest. Has to be an opera, right?


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  • Perhaps tourism will improve with people knowing they can get away with rotten behavior along with those wanting to see what kind of city tolerates such theatrics…. and yes — AN OPERA… or anything portraying antics rivaling the greatest slapstick since Charlie Chaplin.

  • A fantastic idea! Mulroney the Opera was quite amusing in its half-hearted way, so why not Ford the Opera? So many interesting characters, so much drama, so much action, intrigue, good vs evil, etc. Fully staged and broadcast in HD to cinemas around the world, like the Met, with real singers! I nominate the great Ben Heppner for the title role. Any other casting suggestions? And funding anyone?

  • There was a contemporary opera production by student composers, singers & musicians at the University of Toronto’s Music Faculty of “Rob Ford — The Opera” in early 2012. Look for mobile phone snippets on Youtube.

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