The sound of three instruments from the Stradivari museum in Cremona

The violin and cello in this new video are made by Antonio Stradivarius and the viola by Girolamo Amati. Who says a Strad makes no difference?


The players are the Amati String Trio – Gil Sharon: violin “Vesuvio” 1727 di Antonio Stradivari;  Ron Ephrat: viola fratelli Amati “Stauffer” 1615; Alexander Hulshoff: violoncello “Stauffer” ex Cristiani 1700 di Antonio Stradivari.


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  • It would have been fascinating to hear at least one phrase on different instruments and then on the strads for comparison. Also I would love to know who owns these instruments? Are they the property of the museum?

  • I often heard this viola when it was owned by the distinguished English player Harry Danks. It was always described as being by the brothers Amati, and it bears their label and all their characteristics, but in fact Antonio was already dead when it was completed. It is a lovely instrument, both to look at and to hear, and I witnessed something very moving, when Emile Cantor realised that his superb Tononi viola was a copy of the Amati, made a century later but now, of course, also a historic instrument.

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