The most prolific translator of operatic letters and lives

William Weaver, who was the foremost translator of modern Italian literature, was much appreciated by the music community for his English editions of documentary lives of Verdi and Puccini, as well as versions of many opera librettos.

Weaver, who translated Calvino, Eco, Moravia and Silone, has died, at 90.

william weaver

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    • It was a delight to hear him and people of his quality on the Metropolitan Opera intermission features before they dumbed it down under the Gelb administration. He brought not only information on his newest translation, but put opera libretti in a broader context of Italian culture. There was more to Italy than opera, but a great literary tradtion that was still alive.

      A prolific hard workimg life, and from the obit apparently only learned the language later in life

  • The creators of INVISIBLE CITIES are saddened by the loss of William Weaver, whose translation of the Calvino is the lyrical basis of Chris Cerrone’s adaptation. In honor of his passing, we are adding a special performance of Cerrone’s “Memory Palace” to tomorrow night’s closing night show of INVISIBLE CITIES.

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