Stand by for Gergiev: The Movie

Stand by for Gergiev: The Movie


norman lebrecht

November 13, 2013

From the trailer, Alberto Venzago’s forthcoming film looks like a Battleship Potemkin for our times.


gergiev a certain madness




  • Exciting and full art-Gergiev!

  • Hasbeen says:

    I found the imagery very compelling and would like to see the complete film.

  • Nice black and white footage. Not sure about the ‘deep’ musical considerations in the clip. ‘Is melody more important than rhythm?’ Gosh!

  • SergioM says:

    Despite all the controversy surrounding him I have to admit that it does look pretty interesting and I’m definitely curious to see it

  • This looks freakin’ awesome.

    Quiz of the day: Name the music in the trailer.

    • m2n2k says:

      Just in an unlikely case someone does not recognize it, most of the music is from fourth and first movements of Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony (so-called “Pathetique”). However, there are a few seconds starting at around 2:15 that sound like Shostakovich, but I can’t quite recall which piece it is.

  • harold braun says:

    Love him!A true force of nature! And quite a character in a time of increasingly bland and featureless conductors!

  • Sally Denkers says:

    When and where???

  • Phillipe says:

    Yuk! Shameless self promotion. But less disgusting than the interview which he praises Putin as a great leader.

    • Martin says:

      Is Putin not a great leader?

      • m2n2k says:

        Depends on one’s definition of “great”, obviously. In any case, time will tell.

        • Martin says:

          One who can keep a whole country do what he says, has some quality. Doesn’t change that I’d only let him into my house (or flat for that matter), if he’d bring a suitcase full of money.

          • m2n2k says:

            Anyone who seriously thinks that the “whole country” does exactly “what he says” is mistaken. For a little bit of light entertainment, I recommend to take a quick look at . And please let me know which dictionary defines “great” as “having some quality”, so that i remember never to look into that one for any definitions. By the way, my suspicion is that if he really wants to get inside of anyone’s dwelling, he is not going to ask for permission.

          • Martin says:

            He’s president, he rules. Of course not everyone does play by his rules. And if you want to be so precise, then replace “some” with “a considerable amount”.

            But you’re right, he’d visit me without permission. Replace “let” with “welcome”.

            Happy now?

          • m2n2k says:

            Getting a little warmer, Martin. Still, not every president (or “ruler”, for that matter) can be considered a great leader. My opinion remains: time will tell.

  • Martin says:

    Interesting remakr by Alberto Venzago on Swiss TV: “I think by brother’s a better conductor than Gergiev.”. Somewhere in this interview: