Shocking: Swedes stop Ring to stage Pink Floyd

Shocking: Swedes stop Ring to stage Pink Floyd


norman lebrecht

November 30, 2013

We drew your attention in summer to the adventurous opera season that is held in a disused quarry in Dalhalla and had dreamed of going out to see it there ourselves.

However, we learn today that the local authorities in Dalhalla have called off all Ring performances next August in order to vacate the quarry for a superannuated rock group. Friends of Dalhalla are justly up in arms.




  • Thomas Roth says:

    No, it’s not Pink Floyd. It is a Pink Floyd cover band called P Floyd.

  • Thomas Roth says:

    Yes, it is complete madness.

  • I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with money…

  • David says:

    Anything must be preferable to Wagner 🙂

  • squirrel says:

    Well then, knowing nothing about the situation, I’d say they don’t have the $$ for the Ring production and the Floyd cover band is not the reason.

  • Karin Frölén says:

    The money is there. There are several world famous swedish opera stars who are arranging this with sponsors and all. They did a good profit last year. The countryside politicians i Sweden are crazy sometimes

  • Prewartreasure says:

    “Wish you were here” (er, there?)

    Apologies, Norman. That intended pun is simply dreadful.

  • Benjamin Staern says:

    Simply sad!

  • Stella Scott says:

    Sometimes I just can’t wrap my head around how people think. Dalhalla is famous for opera, not cover bands. Embarrassing!

  • Jim B says:

    Er guys – the Opera failed to book in time despite reminders

    The Pink floyd band has sold out in Dalhalla multiple times with a multi-million kronor show including symphony orchestra etc. the Opera has almost gone bankrupt several times…

    For your information – check out Roger Waters (Pink Floyd’s) Opera Ca Ira which is sung by Bryn Terfel on the studio recording.

    Have a nice day!

  • If you are an opera fan, perhaps you think that’s what Dalhalla is famous for (and yes, I know what it was intended for). But all you people complaining; how often have you been to Dalhalla? The “cover band” P-Floyd have played there every other year since 2006.