Russia is blowing its culture budget on limos

Russia is blowing its culture budget on limos


norman lebrecht

November 28, 2013

Nice story in Ria-Novosti. The Ministry of Culture has put out a tender for hiring four luxury sedans BMW at a cost of 15 million rubles ($500,000).

Why four? There’s a minister, Vladimir Medinsky, and six deputy ministers to shuttle around.

Each car must be compatible with ‘the presidential communication “Kavkaz-9” (the system must be installed in a sedan BMW-750Li) and special government communications “Rosa” (for cars BMW-740Li), as well as sound and light signals.’ In case nuclear war breaks out, or Valery Gergiev defects in Munich…

Too silly for words, when Russian orchestras have gone months without pay.

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  • The Minister’s name is Vladimir Medinsky.