Pianist, 98, plays Barber, Haydn and Liszt recital

Beat that!

frank glazer

Frank Glazer studied with Schnabel, made his NY debut in 1936, played a concerto with the Boston Symphony under Koussevitsky and taught at the Eastman School of Music.

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  • Horszowski beat that: he gave his last recital at the age of 99. And (though not a public performance, of course), the last I heard was that Alice Herz Sommer was still practising every day from 10 till 1 — and she will be 110 on the 26th of this month.

  • Frank is a local hero here in Maine and a remarkable musician. He played all 32 Beethoven sonatas here at, I believe, the tender age of 95.

  • I believe that Randolph Hokanson, b. 1916, is still practicing regularly and giving at least private performances in the Seattle area.

  • I’m so thrilled that you’ve posted this! Thank you. And what a program! Eva Virsik told me about it last weekend when we were at the Eastern Connecticut Symphony’s Nielsen 4th. Frank has been a great friend, mentor and inspiration to musicians with ties to Maine since forever. He’s also a very witty guy ūüôā

  • He’s an extraordinarily moving pianist, an inspirational teacher, both to musicians and non musicians, and a gentleman with endless grace and a warm and welcoming smile..

  • I heard Horczowski perform at Town Hall. He was inspiring. I certainly hope to be giving recitals at that age…maybe by then I can get it all together. My teacher taught until she was 97, and made a technique video just a few years before that. She, Lucile Lawrence (note the spelling), studied harp with Carlos Salzedo and music studies (including history and theory) with Edgard Varese. Her last public performance was in her 80s. Not sure why she stopped, except that she was teaching about 60 hours a week in New Jersey, New York and Boston (Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College, Tanglewoos and Boston University). She was appointed to the Juilliard faculty by Mennin but cheated out of it.

    • P.S.: At the age of 90, my father is playing the piano more and better than ever, he is only limited by his eyesight and memory, so he works on his extensive existing repertoire. Age can be liberating.

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