New video: Menahem Pressler, nearly 90, plays in Paris

Click here to watch.


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  • Magnificent! Thanks so much for posting this. We heard him live in (of all places) Kingston, Ontario, Canada and were spell-bound from start to finish. And now this. A huge gift. Many thanks!

  • It’s nice to see Mr. Pressler’s older friend Ivry Gitlis in the picture together with the still only 89-year-old pianist. The 91-year-old violinist is probably telling his younger friend how it feels to be enjoying life during the last decade of a man’s first century.

    Not sure who is the man in the middle, but he does look a lot like Paavo Jarvi.

  • What a marvellous concert!! The maturity and lifetime of experience matched by the burnished playing of the youthful Ebeners make for an evening of incandescent chamber music making. Indeed a wonderful attestation to the triumph of the human spirit!

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