New video: ‘A well-balanced football team plays like a symphony orchestra’ (Alan Gilbert says, yeah)

The New York Philharmonic propaganda machine has been busy on CBS TV.


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  • I have to say that I liked the piece. While numerous other conductors, quarterbacks, teams and orchestras. And to be honest the NY Phil is the closest to the studios on West 57th. I have to say if this was directed at non-classical fans it was a good effort. I wonder if any classical fans might become fans of the NFL?

  • Yes, a rather tenuous 3-minute conceit stretched into 8 minutes. Kudos nonetheless to CBS News, Charlie Rose, & Wynton Marsalis for generously making that time for classical music on a mainstream network TV news broadcast. Meanwhile, over at NBC, it’s Matt Lauer dressed up as Pamela Anderson. Classy:

      • Hi Una, thanks for the reply. I was having a little fun. However, this is a snippet from Norman’s own piece in May, “… The BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, naming the departing Manchester United manager as ‘the greatest living Briton’, quoted in self-justification today a remark Sir Alex made to a Harvard audience about the lesson he had learned from watching a symphony orchestra. Here’s exactly what Sir Alex said:

        I remember going to see Andrea Bocelli, the opera singer. I had never been to a classical concert in my life. But I am watching this and thinking about the co-ordination and the teamwork — one starts and one stops, just fantastic. So I spoke to my players about the orchestra — how they are a perfect team.”

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