Lucerne Festival in $100 million court showdown

Lucerne Festival in $100 million court showdown


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2013

A few years back, a rich German told the Lucerne Festival he’d pay for an opera house. Plans were made, architects engaged. A Salle Modulable was envisaged, a space of infinite flexibility. Then Christof Engelhorn died, in August 2010, before a brick was laid.

His family trust refused to honour the pledge of 120 million Swiss francs. The festival sued. The case has come to court in Bermuda.

It is hardly being reported in Swiss media. So here’s the latest from the courtroom.

It seems likely the outcome will hinge on evidence from Lucerne Festival director, Michael Haefliger, described by the defendants’ counsel as a “master of public relations”.

salle modulable


  • Simon says:

    Bermuda?!? OMG!

  • david says:

    if the new salle modulable is anything like as beautiful in setting and acoustic and as well run as the KKL concert hall, already built on the lakeside, Lucerne will indeed become the envy of the musical world….. crossing fingers for a successful resolution to this hiccup….