Last-minute Kitsch: All I want for Hanukah is La Scala, the Lego version

la scala lego

h/t: Roberta Ferrari. And Repubblica.

Anyone name the conductor?

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    • I don’t think that’s Darth Vader. He doesn’t wear a helmet and a face mask. Looks more like a ninja to me. But are there operas with ninjas in them?

      He could be Hagen though. And Hagen obviously is one of the models for Darth Vader.

      What I find more puzzling is that there is a guy wielding a gun in the audience (on the right side of the aisle, 5 rows from the front, 3 seats in).

      And why are all the musicians in the orchestra pit bald? Is that a reference to recent budget cuts in Italian arts funding?

  • This is an awesome piece of artwork.I think there has been some really good new modern artwork created in lego, i have seen stadiums and musical instruments.I have seen really good Fender Stratocaster models as well as Gibson Les Paul Lego really is a medium for a the ages. Does anyone know any good links to lego web pages that have good creation that i can view?

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