La Scala musicians are ‘split 6:4’ over next music director

La Scala musicians are ‘split 6:4’ over next music director


norman lebrecht

November 01, 2013

We are hearing from Milan that the 116 orchestra musicians are divided over who they want to succeed Daniel Barenboim as music director. Our wisp in the wings says it’s currently 61 for Riccardo Chailly and 41 for Fabio Luisi.

Yesterday Alexander Pereira met the orchestra to present his project for La Scala, which was said to include the musical leadership of Riccardo Chalilly as ‘a fundamental asset.’ A resolution is expected in the next few days – though there is no guarantee that either maestro will agree to take the turbulent position.




  • Tim Benjamin says:

    > split 6-4

    I wonder if they are playing that in compound duple or simple triple time?

  • The could consider themself Lucky IF MO Chalilly would agree.

    To take the job!

  • Michael Engel says:

    Is Chailly the better conductor? Yes.

    Is Luisi the better OPERA conductor? YES!

  • David H. says:

    Opera in Italy is dying. La Scala will survive for it’s prestige, Venice is doing fine atm it seems, thanks to a new clever management and paying tourists, Rome will probably survive for political reasons, but the other opera houses are in major trouble. The home country of opera is about to lose it’s cultural heritage. Shouldn’t you discuss these issues first, rather than the relatively meaningless trivia, which figure will take the insults from Milano’s “professor” and rampant audience in the coming years?

  • I grew up with my teacher Franco Ferrara talking about Toscanini, Guarnieri, De Sabata, Serafin, Votto, Cantelli… nowadays the game is played by garden gnomes.

  • May I suggest Maestro Riccardo Frizza just back from the MET, and Norma..!

    • I’d suggest more mature conductors as Nello Santi or Donato Renzetti.

      Frizza is a child in comparison with them.

      Nello Santi is a champion of italian opera.

      Due to unknown matters he conducts more abroad than in Italy, we should ask some artistic director about that.