Just Joo it up a little bit, says Joshua Bell

The first of our seasonal gifts has arrived.

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  • The musicianship is excellent , the arranging is excellent too flowing from one piece of another and all is done with great humour. Although I wonder if Joo , Joshua Bell and Igudesman can make a vocal group too !!!!

  • Just saw/heard Mr. Bell with the Dallas Symphony on Thursday evening.

    Simply stunning, to say the least!!!!

    JB & the orchestra are top notch!!!!

  • My 85-year-old, raised-Orthodox dad is going to love this when I show him tomorrow at Thanksgiving. Very sweet, and glad for all the diversity! Good musicianship, too.

    • One of the benefits of a Reform education is a total lack of awareness of many of the niceties of orthodox life – here a Menorah [as in the Temple, had seven branches] whereas a Chanukiah, for the festival of Chanukah has nine branches – one for each of the eight days and one for the ‘Servant’ or Shamash, with which the others are lit.

  • This is wonderful. I just came from a Menorah lighting ceremony in Traditions Fl. over looking a beautiful lake with the sun setting . the Chabad House of Sturart Fl. put it on ,and it was wonderful. Traditional, non traditional,, and the Rabbi tied it in with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah . It was truly a celebration of both cultures.

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