Just in: Ozawa to share concert with his conducting protégée

Just in: Ozawa to share concert with his conducting protégée


norman lebrecht

November 27, 2013

Seiji Ozawa has announced that he will be conducting Beethoven’s fourth symphony with the Mito Chamber Orchestra in January.

Still too frail to take on a whole concert, he has given the first half to the French contralto, Nathalie Stutzmann, whom he is encouraging to become a conductor. Nathalie will conduct Mendelssohn’s Fingal’s Cave and fourth symphony. Details here.


publicity photo (c) Simon Fowler


  • RGiarola says:

    Stuzmann was conducting last week for 3 nights the São Paulo Symphony. That’s the first time I saw her on this new role. Mendelssohn 1° and Mozart Requiem. I though very interesting and above average at all. Here is a short film of the rehearsal.


    • Michael Schaffer says:

      Looks good, but not particularly interesting to me, and certainly not above average. Rather below average, as far as the playing is concerned, but it’s just a rehearsal.

      What is it that you find “very interesting” here? What am I missing?

      • Rgiarola says:

        I just like it, although I’ve been listening to this music alive by some of the legend interpreters, in the past decades.

        Anyway, accurate words Schaffer. You’re right. The video is just a bootleg of a rehearsal and few people got fair play about it. It is just 6 minutes and nothing of Mendelssohn or the whole Requiem. However you are already criticizing it at all, the conductor, the choir, the orchestra and perhaps even more. Can I ask you the reason you are defining it “below average”? What is the fundamental of your opinion? Can I consider that you were watching this concert last week? The entire one? If not, please curb your enthusiasms and your canned standards. You don’t need to believe on me, but don’t judge based on nothing.