Just in: Musical instruments museum destroyed by fire

Italy’s¬†Museum of Musical Instruments, in Reggio Calabria has been completely destroyed. It housed some 800 precious items. Arson is suspected. An empty jerry can was found near the scene.


UPDATE: More pictures here.

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  • Putting this cultural treasure in a city riddled with organized crime syndicates and prone to earthquakes: what could possibly go wrong?

  • I didn’t know that type of canister is called a “jerry can” in English. That is so funny! The jerry can thing, I mean, not the fire.

    The article says the fire also destroyed a library with old books and sheet music, and that the arson may be connected to local organized crime, but it doesn’t say how.

  • Southern Italy has a rich tradition of destroying cultural heritages and businesses when the requisite amount of “protection” money isn’t paid. Mafia Barbarians.

  • Tragic. All of our so-called progress hasn’t done much to enlighten the human spirit as a whole. I am also sad for the general situation in Italy with the Mafia and the Vatican running the country like their personal fiefdom.

  • Really sad man! It was totally devastating to me because there are lots of precious instruments were there but now I think none of them existent there. So it’s really big damage and hope that everybody will come out to recover this musical instruments museum.

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