Just in: Alberto Vilar is back in jail

Just in: Alberto Vilar is back in jail


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2013

The U.S. Appeals Court this morning upheld US Federal District Judge Richard Sullivan’s order to revoke bail for Alberto Vilar, sending the former philanthropist back to prison to complete his nine-year sentence (we are informed by a friend of the defendant). He had been out on bail since October 2012.
The order means that Vilar, 73, and his former partner Gary Tanaka, 70, must surrender to Pre-Trial Services in downtown Manhatttan by 2 pm local time where two Federal Marshals are expected to pick them up.
The three-member appeals panel also denied the defendants’ request for a stay of Sullivan’s order to remand the two to prison by today, pending re-sentencing which isn’t expected until early next year. In September the panel upheld the convictions, but ordered the district court to recalculate fraud-related losses which could reduce Vilar’s nine-year sentence. He has served four years already.
No all is lost, said Vilar’s lawyer Vivian Shevitz. Vilar and Tanaka could be freed within a week  if  agreement is reach on new bail packages, she said. In Vilar’s case, three of his friends had signed a personal recognizance bond for a total of ten million dollars.
Vilar was convicted by a jury in 2008 on all 12 counts, including investors fraud and conspiracy charges. Sullivan sentenced him to nine years under federal guidelines. Tanaka was found guilty on three counts and received a five-year sentence.
The government charged that the two former principals of Amerindo Investment Advisers Inc with have stolen $22 million dollars from a handful of offshore clients. Shevitz argued unsuccessfully that there were no losses, and accused the government of hiding material exculpatory facts from the jury.
The jury never learned that more than $40 million were left in frozen accounts at JPMorgan Chase, more than enough to make all “victims’ whole. This fact come out at Vilar’s sentencing hearing long after the jury had been dismissed.
The money was never managed and JPMorgan to this day has not paid any interest on these funds.



  • LP says:

    Can you explain to me why the fraudster CEO of IMG Artists, didnt do any time in jail. Is IMG Artists going out of business, due to the corrupt activities of its fraudster CEO. Life is not fair!!!!

  • GeoPilot says:

    Love the integrity…
    We provided the defense to Shevitz to get Vilar released… She gave it to Dershowitz
    Funny thing is shevitz outright refused to file issues that would’ve gotten him outright aqcuiited and free and reimbursed similar to David Ganek… Only better
    If people are upset the didnt get thier monies they can blame the govt.
    He had $40million in the bank vs $19 million owed to clients including Cates.
    Donated 250 million would you Steal 5million? Doesn’t make sense
    Read the case files…
    Amerindo was/is worth 500 millon.
    Curious why they took his company?
    With the appropriate funding and strategy he would be freed and compensated/split billions and the companies back.
    Well stake our 15 million dollar property interests on it etc etc

    Have a good day.