Israel’s Frank Sinatra has died

The death was announced tonight of Arik Einstein, singer, actor and icon of soft-power Israeli masculinity from the 1960s on. Aged 74, he suffered an aortic aneurysm.


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  • Israel’s Frank Sinatra? REALLY?

    Have you actually VIEWED the video clip you posted?

    This guy is about as far away from Sinatra as it is possible to be. His style is more like Perry Como’s. And not to speak ill of the dead, but Einstein’s voice is nowhere near as good as Como’s. Let alone Sinatra’s beautiful and expressive baritone!

    It is apparent you have no clue as to what Sinatra’s voice and musical style was all about.

    Get a grip, Norman. Maybe it’s time to have someone else write your headlines for you.

  • He doesn’t seem very Sinatra to me either, but I don’t think that’s a reason to get so upset. What I want to know, if that is the Israeli Frank Sinatra, what are the Israeli Dean Martin and, especially, the Israeli Sammy Davis Jr. like?

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