How to get your best-ever concert picture from Twitter

How to get your best-ever concert picture from Twitter


norman lebrecht

November 25, 2013

The Finnish coloratura soprano Anu Komsi saw people taking her picture during a concert in Oslo. What to do? Here’s what she tells us:

This is a modern story how to get a picture of a concert: I saw quite many people in the Oslo public taking pictures during the concert and I did not wonder because of the Edward Munch´s Solenuppgång was there behind the performers.

Well I asked the orchestra administration would it be possible to get a picture for myself, because the venue and event were exquisite. They found this one on TWITTER!!! Oslo Phil just asked in Twitter has anybody got a picture and there this was. Have no idea of the photographer, but got permission to use it anywhere I want. Contemporary times !

anu komsi


  • Martin says:

    Beautiful! Although I’m not a fan of picture taking during concerts, here it would have hard to resist – even for me.

  • david says:

    just a plea from a performer who has suffered from migraines……easily prompted by unthinking flash photographers in the public seats…… One idiotic flash and the show can be brought to a stop or at least distracted……please give it a thought next time you take out your mobile phone .