How conductors sounded (1): Furtwängler talks about Beethoven (en Francais)

This is the first of a short series. If you’re very good, we’ll post more goodies tomorrow



and in German

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  • Thank you. Very importan for people to think about the approach of the great conductor and thinker to music, art, culture, tradition, history, society . Especially in our time .

    Please continue

  • Thank you for this precious document. Furtwängler’s French is flawless. What emerges from this talk is that the spiritual message of music was his overriding concern. This is what also emanates from his music making.

  • Illuminating document of the great Furtwängler. Through it we can feel and hear that his goal was to performe in the service of the composition and the composer. What a relief in this days.

    Thank you Norman.

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