Hot news: Osmo Vanska to conduct Minnesota musicians again

A date has been fixed next May for the former music director and his locked-out musicians. The programme at the Unniversity of Minnesota will replicate the orchestra’s very first concert on campus in 1929. Check it out here.


vanska ax


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  • I am not clear about this. Are we to understand that the musicians have reorganized themselves into a new organization, independent of the Minnesota Orchestra Board?

  • How long can they keep going “locked out”? Eventually they need to go find paying jobs and there won’t be a quorum. Or do most of these musicians have so many side teaching and free lance gigs that they could hold out indefinitely?

  • No, They have not. They are continuing to produce concerts on their own and will be a part of the grand re-opening as the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra. They are still technically employees of the Minnesota Orchestral Association.

  • It sure sounds like it from the article. They are saying that they are creating a 501 C-3 (a non profit corporation) called “the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra”. This is a strategy that has been tried before-the Honolulu Symphony musicians at one point in (1994-95) created a non-profit as “the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra” which eventually merged back into the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra organization once it became clear that the musicians were going to continue to perform and make music regardless of the behavior of management. I have no idea what sort of management structure they will have, but the bylaws will probably written in such a way that it will not be possible for the Board or Management to lock them out!

  • The entire amount of pay and benefits to Henson and the bloated MOA staff during the lock out should be clawed back and escrowed in trust for the musician’s benefit in producing these concerts.

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