German orchestra manager calls for new national strategy

While public attention is drawn to SWR’s attempt to abolish one of the broadcast orchestra, a former head of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra calls for a national dialogue on the workings of public orchestras.

Read here (auf Deutsch).

andreas richter

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  • ed says:

    This is an important article and could use a good translation. Any takers?

  • racunista says:

    You must have understood it, if you think it is important – why not volunteer to translate it?

    • ed says:

      I used a Babylon online translator to wade through it, and I think I got the gist of it and its more important points, but the raw product was just that, raw, and if I were to paraphrase from that I could end up butchering it. So, I would respectfully defer to someone with good translating skills.

      • Andrichter says:

        thanks for your interest. I have noe time for a transaltion but you can ask me any question about it in english if you want. All best, Andreas

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