Fundraiser for musician who sought relief near Cincinnati

Fundraiser for musician who sought relief near Cincinnati


norman lebrecht

November 26, 2013

There’s no end of things you can get arrested for these days. Like being a musician and getting caught short in the state of Ohio. Against the wall of a motel, apparently.

Musician Nathan Klages, 27, faces charges of public indecency, for heaven’s sake. He could go to jail.

Musicians in Cincy, 22 miles uproad from the alleged offence, are rallying to his support.  And so should all of us.



  • Martin says:

    I remember a case in Switzerland where a bunch of guys peed on the way from the bar to the hotel. The policeman said, that if just one of them needed an urgent relief, he’d have let him go with a warning. But certainly not 5 or 6 have an emergency at the same time. All were fined. Case closed.

    In America you need a judge for that. Ok, the guy ran from the police, another thing which can be solved in a couple of hours of background checks and a bit of a warning. I guess a night or maybe two in jail, while those checks are carried out, might do the trick.