Diva won’t stay in 5* hotel. She prefers a duck farm.

Nicole Cabell is in Detroit, rehearsing Traviata.

But when they offered her the usual five-star downtown, she demurred. She’d found Suzanne Scoville’s duck farm and is much more comfortable there. Read.

nicole cabell ducks

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  • Here’s a great story. It is far more impressive when a person allows their talent rather than their fame to shine. And, what is better than music and animals? Nothing, that’s what! I grew up in Detroit (left it long ago) so I know first hand how much the beleaguered place needs some beauty, culture, nature, and general kindness of spirit. Ms. Cabell is the true meaning of Diva, not the “I Survived Kathleen Battle” interpretation of the term (S.F. Opera members and staff had T-Shirts with those words made after their ordeal with her).

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