Composer throws back Government award in cultural protest

Catalan composer Josep Soler, 78, has refused to receive the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. He said: ‘I don’t accept the authority of the Spanish Government and want nothing to do with this prime minister, Rajoy, who ignores culture and education.’

catalan composer

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  • Seems this is two issues in one. He not only protests against the indeed desastrous cultural policy of the current Spanish government, but also says that “as a Catalan” he can’t accept the award because accepting it “would mean accepting the authority of the Spanish government”.

    Sounds like catalan nationalist separatism.

    • You are right, Simon. Thousands, perhaps milions of Catalans are more than sick and tired not only of the current Spanish government, but also of the Spanish Administration for decades. Now the time is arrived to try a new way for Catalonia. Nothing to do with historic and dangerous nationalism, rather a burning desire of INDEPENDENTISM.

      Bravo Josep Soler !

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