Composer gets his name on a Hollywood block

Composer gets his name on a Hollywood block


norman lebrecht

November 24, 2013

Steven Spielberg and John Williams were there to see Fox rename a site on its lot after a major film composer. The Lionel Newman Music Building honours the Oscar-winning composer of the Hello Dolly score, not to mention M*A*S*H and more. Read here.

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  • Harry Kessler says:

    Surely you do not mean to say that Lionel Newman composed HELLO, DOLLY, which was a Broadway hit of the early 60s, long before the film version was produced. Newman may have won an Oscar for his responsibilities in preparing the score for the film, but he was not its composer.

  • Tommy says:

    And neither did he write the music for M*A*S*H. Although a fine composer, Newman wasn’t primarily known as one.

    Lionel Newman was a hugely important and influential music director and supervisor at Fox, at a time when it was the top studio for music (partly his making, along with his brother Alfred). Lionel brought together the best talents, and also helped shape and direct the music we all now know and love. The Newmans are synonymous with 20th Century Fox and this latest story is a tribute to them.