Beatles piano player dies

Mike O’Neill, who played sessions with the Fab Four, Deep Purple and more, has passed away at 75. He featured on Dusty Springfield’s hit ‘You Don’t have to Say You Love Me and was frontman for Nero and the Gladiators (below).

nero (1200 x 1209)

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  • Sad news (and interested to see that he played with the John Barry Seven). But I can’t find any evidence that O’Neill was actually on a Beatles record (and these things are fairly well documented, with some exceptions of course). Which tracks are you referring to, in order to support the ‘Beatles piano player’ tag?

    Genuine question, as I’m a bit of a Beatles geek.

  • There was a JOHN O’Neil in The Mike Sammes Singers in “I Am The walrus” backing vocals. That’s the closest I can come.

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