Bad result: Concertgebouw fails to beat Australian XI

Despite moral support from Maris Jansons, a football XI of the Concertgebouworkest could only manage a goalless draw against the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Various reasons for the debacle were given in the dressing room:

1 It was hot.

2 They played too fast.

3 It was the violas’ fault.

4 We were under-rehearsed.

5 The commentator was rubbish.

6 The conductor left early.

7 We didn’t lose, did we?


photo (c) Anne Dokter

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    • Humour and this kind of nonsense takes you through the more pressing issues in life. Having none and nagging for no reason only makes it harder

    • Claudio Abbado was player-manager of the LSO footie team when he was chief conductor. Apparently he didn’t feel it was nonsense, maybe he felt it was fun.

  • LOL. As the man said, it was a hot day, and the tuning pegs got stuck. It’s better not to play at all than to play out of tune.

    In practice in various community symphonies where I played second fiddle, the trumpets were just behind me when we played Handel’s Messiah, “The trumpets shall sound…” and some parts of Carmen etc., and the sound of the trumpets was so loud that I probably lost some of my hearing. Trumpets are powerful.

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