Abbado cancels Rome ‘on doctors’ advice’

Abbado cancels Rome ‘on doctors’ advice’


norman lebrecht

November 16, 2013

He was due to appear with the Orchestra Mozart. Santa Cecilia will substitute. See here.Claudio_Abbado1


    • sdReader says:

      But he looks, and by all accounts is, happy. And that photo is a couple of years old, taken at Waldbühne, I’m guessing.

      The planned concert was a joint performance by the Bologna (Orchestra Mozart) and Rome (Santa Cecilia) ensembles. This has now been deferred until Feb. 2014, so not really cancelled.

      Abbado, as you may know, has been in frail health for eleven years. By carefully managing and occasionally withdrawing, as now, he has been able to continue to make music (and to live).

      I have been privileged to hear him conduct in Napoli, Luzern, Bologna, Bolzano and Salzburg in recent years, and I can assure you the man remains artistically as potent as ever.

      A summary of his activities since 2002 is on the Italian Wikipedia page. Details of his plans, as far ahead as he makes them, which is never more than a season, is at

      Abbado is 80 and, like Muti, I believe, an Italian senator for life. He is someone NL really should talk to.

      • Michael Schaffer says:

        Yes, that pic is from 2008, when there was a fire under the roof of the Philharmonie and the concert was moved to the Waldbühne at short notice.

      • Petros Linardos says:

        Yes, listening to Abbado live many times in the last ten or so years is a hell of privilege.

        I heard Abbado live many times in the early 80s, and then once in early nineties and once in Lucerne, in 2005. Judging from my live experiences and, primarily, his many recordings, in his indian summer he has become a great conductor, though he was always a good or very good one.

  • Mark Mortimer says:

    I Wish Claudio- one of the great musicians of our time and one of our few remaining spiritual healers- a speedy recovery

  • Andrea Penna says:

    It was not a concert joint with Mozart Orchestra, it was a subscription concert with Orchestra Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. There is another concert ( with Mozart Orchestra and a completely different program) already scheduled in February 2014 . Please do take a look: Let’s hope he will recover soon.