Vienna State Opera to announce live streaming

Details to be clarified in a fortnight:

From the end of October selected opera and ballet performances from the

Wiener Staatsoper will be broadcast worldwide as live streams in high

quality via internet and Samsung Smart TV. Please find enclosed the

invitation and the media accreditation request form with further

information about the press conference (German/English) on October 15th,

where details about the streaming project will be presented.


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  • Ha! Welcome to the digital age, WS. Broadcasting via internet is really money for old rope. It’s more embarrassing it took them this long, but better late than never!

  • Germany has 83 full time, year-round opera houses. It hasn’t embraced streaming because there are affordable tickets for nearby houses for almost everyone. Why watch a low-fi video when for a few bucks you can be pretty close to all that gloriously vibrating flesh?

    In the Ruhrgebiet, there are 11 houses within a 37 mile radius. To see a map of all 83 houses go here:

    • “Why watch a low-fi video when for a few bucks you can be pretty close to all that gloriously vibrating flesh?”

      Because not everyone lives in Vienna. It’s called the “World Wide” internet, not the Vienna internet.

      Besides, “lo-fi?” Most cheap internet connections can stream 1080p resolution with stereo audio.

  • That response was FROM Tom Warburrton Paul on behalf of the Rochester Chamber Orchestra’s Board of Directors to clarify our view of Maestro Arild Remmereit, in emphatic contrast to what had appeared on Slipped Disc, implying that the maestro was basically mercenary and interested only in monetary gain. Water–under-the-Bridge now! We all are in forward motion now, eschewing backward looks and “blame games”. Today’s placement of these comments is indeed adrift from its original context. Thank You!

    Tom Paul

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