The cello you’ve always desired… is here

The cello you’ve always desired… is here


norman lebrecht

October 25, 2013

cello optical

It plays. It displays. It does everything but compose. Read here.


  • robcat2075 says:

    At least they are trying.

  • ed says:

    Not bad. Does Bayer say that the resin can also withstand TSA and baggage handler abuse? The picture here almost stokes the juices of one’s psychedelic imagination. (“Hello, I see you, Timothy Leary.”) The photos in the link are more ominous- are they weaponized?- maybe even to the point of stoking the psychodelic (or better yet psychodelphic) imagination of those conspiracy theorists in Homeland Security, i.e., the ones who treat even the remotest possibility of a threat as a crime that became a foregone conclusion, even before the NSA listened in.

    And of course those wonderful recordings of George Gao, the erhu artist performing Tchaikovsky (with the sound sometimes of a viola but more mellifluous at: tell us that notwithstanding the TSA and DHS, (and NSA) groping and otherwise distracting us, one can make beautiful music in so many different ways.

  • Miles Golding says:

    Images can never “interpret” or “enhance” music. The parameters are totally different. I was horrified at the Django Bates prom earlier this year that the BBC displayed crappy Microsoft Media Player style moving images ranged across a strip the whole width of the choir stalls.

    Do they do that to every prom? Or did some idiot at the BBC think that jazz is “cool” and so you can “enhance” it with cool visuals? What meretricious bullshit it was. That music required just as much concentration as a Mahler or a Mozart Symphony. I never did write to complain – I will.