The art of Soviet cooking and the day the traffic changed lanes. Your weekend browsing on Slipped Disc.

1 From Munich, a live Wozzeck on Sunday with Keenlyside and Denoke. Click here.

2 Does Jonathan Franzen understand Karl Kraus? Read here.


3 The art of Soviet cooking. Sniff here

4 Picture of the Week: The day Sweden changed from driving on the left, to driving on the right (1967)

sweden driving right left

5 Try this in shul

6 And if you liked that, click here for more.

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  • I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m still a little bit scandalized every time I hear instruments playing in liturgical music for a synagogue or an Eastern Orthodox church. (Traditional percussion and bells excepted.)

    I guess I worry that without the prohibition on the use of instruments, the rich old repertoire of all-vocal music for those services will just disappear.

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